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CHG-MERIDIAN swims to fight cancer

The employees from the CHG-MERIDIAN Rotterdam office join forces to support a good cause close to the heart

Swim to fight cancer

Corporate social responsibility is firmly enshrined in CHG-MERIDIAN’s corporate philosophy. When it comes to supporting community-based projects, the Rotterdam office took it a bit more personally.

A few years ago, CHG-MERIDIAN in Rotterdam was hit a devastating blow with a cancer patient very close to home. Luckily she survived and came back stronger than ever. This encouraged the team to do something to raise awareness and, more importantly, raise funds to support cancer research.

They took part as a team in “City Swim Dobrecht” on September 1st.

The City Swim is organized in different cities all over the Netherlands. The participants commit themselves to swimming a certain number of meters in open water to raise money and awareness. They can choose between 500M, 1KM, 1.5KM and 2KM. There are of course some safety precautions taken if participants want to swim more than 1.5KM.

The first of September was a perfect Saturday to ease into the new school year, but nine colleagues from the Rotterdam office took a cold shower in the canals of Dordrecht instead. They didn’t just do it for fun, they did it to raise money for a good cause. The team, together with friends, swam 1.5KM each. This is an astonishing 18KM in total! They raised over €7.500 to sponsor the cancer research.
CHG-MERIDIAN is supporting this within its CARE-Initiative. 

In total, over 440 people swam that day, but there were also other activities along with swimming. For the second time, the Ride to Fight Cancer, a bike ride through the picturesque landscape of Dordrecht, was organized as well. 200 participants took part in the challenge to bike for 75KM or 40KM.

All of this raised an amazing amount of €215,000 donated by participants and sympathizers. CHG-MERIDIAN is proud to have been a contributor to this event.

Want to support the good cause?

The organisation could still use your help. If you would like to read more about the good cause and the challenge the employees have taken upon themselves, please click here