Optimising fleets through lifecycle management

Read on to find out how a lifecycle concept can improve transparency, particularly in fleet management.

Creating transparency through lifecycle management

Global companies and those that are expanding often face the same challenges when it comes to fleet management: Fleets consist of vehicles from a multitude of manufacturers and are spread across several locations and even across different countries and continents. As a result, companies do not have a clear and comprehensive overview of their vehicle fleets, leading to unnecessary and incalculable costs as well as excessive usage periods and high service costs. CHG-MERIDIAN has therefore developed an intelligent lifecycle concept that provides greater transparency and uncovers hidden costs.

The lifecycle model for industrial technologies:

  • Preparation phase: fleet analysis, consulting, and procurement support
  • Productive phase: rollout and support
  • End-of-life phase: rollback and remarketing

The lifecycle is the key to end-to-end efficiency

The all-round view provided by lifecycle management paves the way for a more economical fleet in the long term. This enables a solution that is not only optimized in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) but also tailored to individual needs and usage profiles. For flexible fleet sizes, for example, there are options for adapting to demand, such as early return options or rental models. Several countries can also be covered by a single contract – with standardised and uniform concepts and without losing any flexibility. Modern sensor technology in material handling vehicles enables transparent monitoring and control of vehicle-related data, allowing analysis of the vehicles’ operating hours and capacity utilization, for example. With the TESMA® technology and service management system, all contract and vehicle data can be retrieved at any time – on any device and even via an app. 

The benefits at a glance:

  • All manufacturers bundled in one contract
  • Flexible contract models
  • Fleets can be adapted to demand during the lease term
  • Usage periods based on TCO
  • Pay-per models
  • Early return options
  • Integration of manufacturers’ services


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