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Allowing you to refresh without the stress

A further education college benefits from an established relationship with CHG-MERIDIAN


The ever changing IT requirements of the institution created a complex project involving large quantities of IT hardware and in this technological age a critical element of this is the College’s focus on continually updating their IT infrastructure to provide state of the art learning platforms.


The customer is using an operating lease model on a 3-4 year term with flexible end of term options, which allows the customer to repeatedly refresh their IT estate in the most efficient manor to ensure their technology remains up to date.


This institution needed a respected finance provider who could arrange flexible, on-going funding for a wide range of devices. Throughout the period of this relationship our end of lease services has enabled the customer to ensure they are at the forefront of the technological advancement and can indeed provide the state of the art learning platform their students crave.

“For us our IT provision is a large and continually rolling project; we constantly need to review the products, suppliers and replacement cycles of every piece of equipment. We source equipment through tendering and we market test for our provision of finance. For almost a decade we have developed our relationship with CHG and they have become our primary finance provider. We need to make the right financial decisions, and when you are in an established relationship you can hold sensible discussions and obtain the flexibility we feel is important to us. In our dealings with CHG we have never been stung by a cost at the end of term, despite the heavy use of our equipment. We are very busy with contracts around May/June time. CHG recognise and respond to the extra attention the College needs during this period. You don’t always get that with a service relationship!”
Onderdirecteur, gewezen onderwijsinstelling

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